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Metal Roofs Vs. Asphalt Shingles

Much Longer Lifespan With Metal

A typical asphalt shingle roof will need to be replaced about every 10-20 years. Metal roofs only need replacing once every 40-70 years which is one of the main benefits compared to shingles. This means that a metal roof can last 3 times longer than an asphalt shingle roof with proper maintenance and preventative care.

Man Fixing Damaged Shingle Roof
Apartment Complex With Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Shingles Are Cheaper To Buy

Metal roofing materials are more expensive to purchase as well as install. The higher purchase price usually comes with a lifetime warranty though, so it makes sense. The installation costs are also higher as it is not nearly as easy to install as shingles because they need proper cutting, fitting, and mounting, not just a few nails on each shingle. The 40+ year lifespan is a major plus to offset the installation costs.

Metal Keeps Your Home Cooler

Metal roof materials come standard with a heat reflective paint coating to keep your roof and attic much cooler in the hot summer months. This combined with proper roof ventilation can drastically lower your energy bill. Asphalt shingles are great at trapping heat, therefore making your home hotter than it should be when the sun is out.

Modern Home With Metal Shingle Roofing
Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Is Fully Recyclable

Asphalt shingles are not very easy to turn back into other usable materials without a lot of extra effort which is counter productive. Metal roofing panels are recyclable and easy to turn into other great steel, aluminum, copper or zinc products. Metal is definitely the green choice when it comes to roofing and is the #1 choice for eco-friendly homeowners.

Metal Roofing Is Solar Panel Friendly

There are a wide variety of different mounting systems available so that you can easily install solar panels onto any metal roofing material without the risk of water leaks from having to cut into the roofing materials. Standing seam is the most popular choice when using solar panels because the vertical seams make it very easy to attach mounts for solar panels and can be done in a very efficient manner.

Industrial Building With Metal Roof And Solar Panels
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Metal Roofing Contractors Are Scarce

Due to the complexity of properly cutting, fitting and installing metal roofing, there aren’t nearly as many roofers who have the capabilities to get it done right. Shingle roofs can be installed by anyone with a nail gun, so that market is much more saturated with contractors. At Expert Metal Roofers, we have tons of experience perfectly installing metal roofing, so your home is in good hands when you choose us.

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