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Metal Roofing Under Decks & Porches

Great For Covering Open Beams

If you have a deck or porch with an open sealing and exposed beams, you may be looking for a better solution. Metal roofing panels are a popular choice for this situation as they are cheap and provide an easy cover up for the exposed beams and give a nice clean look to your outdoor ceilings instead of aged wood beams.

Hotel With Multiple Metal Roof Gazebos
Porch With Corrugated Metal Roofing Panel Covering

Protect What's Underneath

Installing metal roofing panels under your deck can also help to protect any belongings you may have stored underneath the deck or it can provide protection from the rain if the deck is a two story. Just make sure you don’t leave any big gaps that critters can get into and create a home inside your deck. 

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