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Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

Not Any More Than Normal Roofs

There is a common myth that a metal roof will attract lightning because metal conducts electricity. Which is true, however lightning just strikes the highest point, which is much more likely to be a nearby tree and not your house. However if you are out in the plains, your home could easily be the highest point so it is still at risk, but not at any more risk than your home would be with a normal shingle roof. 

Home With Metal Tile Roof And Snow Guards
Mobile Home With Metal Shingle Roofing Panels

Lightning Strikes Happen By Chance

There is no way to control where lightning will strike and you never know when it is going to happen near you. If lightning hits your home, it is purely by chance and not an increased chance because of a metal roof. Yes, metal conducts electricity, but if it happens, lightning will most likely just hit a tree nearby. And I can tell you that from experience, my trees have been hit numerous times, but my house hasn’t once.

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